About Us

Tom Wietecki,
Mechanical Design Engineer / owner

I started MT3D because I genuinely enjoy complex problem solving. I grew up constantly looking for ways to invent, create and find solutions; this led me to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology at Montana State University. I graduated in 2012 and since then have worked for a wide array of companies across the U.S. that produce both large and small scale products in various industries. The products I’ve helped to develop range all the way from medical instruments to thrill rides and much more in between! Though their products were all very different, they all had 1 thing in common… There were problems to solve!

I started MT3D mostly as an outlet in my free time for my more creative side, but it quickly turned into a full scale business. I love watching people’s ideas come to life, and can’t wait to work with you to help your business grow!